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Apple of My Eye

Product image 1Apple of My Eye
Product image 2Apple of My Eye

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Apple | Cinnamon


Hip Hop artist Rick Ross is a mastermind in his own right. Our true
appreciation for him came in 2017 with his 9th solo album, Rather You
Than Me. The intro song of the album, The Apple of My Eye, begins with
vocals that are both brash and jazzy. Followed by Ross’s audio
confessional where he begins by saying, “Just being somebody that the
neighborhood respected and my mama could be proud of, was the apple
of my eye. That’s all I ever wanted.” In interpretation, he’s saying that
above all else, the two things that mean the most to him in life, are being
someone his neighborhood could respect, while also becoming
something his mom could be proud of. Seeing that a high percentage of
inner-city Cincinnati inhabitants suffer from high blood pressure and
also one of the founders of Matunda mother battles with diabetes, it
seemed only fit to name it after a song that hit home. This juice is a duo
between apples, which is rich in fiber and cinnamon, which acts as natural insulin that aids in lowering blood pressure. Surely a juice our neighborhoods will respect and moms will be proud of. Enjoy :)

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