Our Juice cleanses are coming soon! Juice available at 2908 Short vine 45219


“The Juice was smooth, fresh and had an exhilarating sensation that touches your tongue and shoots through your entire body!”



“Anytime you need someone to say how awesome the juices are, use me; it was amazing!’

- Dorris


“The juice was well over being refreshing. After each juice cleanse I felt more aware, more balanced, light, happy and rejuvenated! I just felt great!!”

- Danni


“It’s insane how much better Matunda’s juices taste than juice sold in grocery stores!”

- Caitlin


“ The flavors were great; I want more!”

- Ali


“My first time trying ‘The Greenlight’ I didn’t know what to expect but I quickly found out that it was refreshing for both my palate and soul! I’ve been a fan ever since”

- Javana


“I’m always looking for a good juice, especially when I’m on the go. Matunda’s juice gave me a boost instantly! From the way it made me feel I know it’s exactly what I’ve been missing”



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