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The Green Light

Product image 1The Green Light
Product image 2The Green Light

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Kale | Apple | Lemon | Cucumber | Pineapple 

The Green light is our signature juice. The name was influenced by John
Legend's 2008 hit single "Green light" featuring Andre 3000; a feel-good
song for a feel-good drink. The Greenlight has become renown to both
our first-time juicers and our juicing veterans alike. With it including
super foods like kale and the perfect sweetness from pineapple, it
creates an incredible balance of nutritional value that novice and
tenured taste buds will agree with. Also included are apple, cucumber,
and lemon, making this a great choice for a detox. This big fruit and
veggie family combined in one bottle, helps fight cancer cells, lowers
blood pressure, is rich in fiber-assisting in digestion and toxin removal-
and also boost the immune system. So, in other words, it’s pretty awesome! Enjoy :)

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